Katie (kymara) wrote in heriottwatt,


So, there's been the smoking ban in public/work enclosed spaces for a while now. Heriot Watt introduced its own version, much the same but with the proviso that when you go outdoors for a crafty fag, you must be more than 5 metres away from campus buildings. This includes canopy overhangs, a recent meeting clarified. Does anyone else feel like drawing chalk circles round the side exits from the hugh nisbet(?) building where everyone congregates at lunchtime? i'm typically comeing back from my lunch, and it's disgusting to walk out into the air an inhale all that smoke. Frankly, if the smokers moved further away, they could sit on the grass or benches not uncomfortable bar things.

probably noone else feels like it, and thinks i should stop whinging since teh smokers have got a pretty rough deal out of this. what do you reckon?
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